Tips For Troubleshooting Your Home's Cooling System

An improperly working air conditioner can lead to extreme discomfort in your home during the warmer months. Before calling for assistance, you can try troubleshooting your unit. Here are some troubleshooting tips to get you started. 

Check the Power Sources

If the air conditioner is not turning on at all, you need to be sure it is getting power. Start with checking the circuit breaker and the fuses. If the breaker has been tripped, flip it back to the "on" position. If it trips again, call your AC repair professional. The problem could be electrical in nature. 

Your unit's outside power supply might be off. Check the power outlet outside to make sure the switch is flipped to "on." 

Check the Filters and Outdoor Unit

If there is no airflow within your home, the problem could be a dirty filter. Manually clean or replace the filter. If you do not know how to do this, call in your repair professional.

The outdoor unit also needs to be inspected. The unit could have leaves, dirt, and other debris clogging the coils. The coils need to be free of these items for the air to flow properly through your home. 

Your outdoor unit needs to have at least two feet of space around it to prevent the coils from freezing up and stopping the flow of air. You should also ensure that the blower has air coming through it. If not, call your pro.

Check for Blockage

If your unit is making a high pitched sound, there is a possibility that the vents are being blocked. Move furniture and any other obstructions out of the way of your vents. 

Other noises, such as scraping and humming, could be the result of a duct work that is in poor shape. Call your pro to inspect your duct work and ensure that it is in good working condition.

Check Your Thermostat

Another common problem you could face is the unit not cooling your home. If this happens, most of the time the problem can be traced back to the thermostat. Ensure that that settings are low enough to prompt the thermostat to turn on the cooling unit. 

Any other problems that could keep your air conditioning unit from functioning properly need to be repaired by a certified professional. If your unit is still not working as it should, contact Perry Heating Cooling or a similar company.

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