3 Tips For Taking Care Of Your Wood Floors

Whether you are just about to have wood flooring installed in your home or you have had it for years, it is important to make sure that you are reminding yourself of all of the things you need to know about caring for that type of flooring. The more you know, the better you can care for your floors, and the longer they will last. Therefore, do not move on to something else before checking out the following three tips for wood floor maintenance.

Dust Mop Daily

It is important to make sure that you are never allowing dust to build up on your wood floors. Not only will daily removal of the dust help keep the wood in great shape, but it will make it easier to complete the deep cleaning when it comes time for that. All you need to do is to spray a sufficient amount of a wood dusting agent on your dry mop. Then lightly run the mop over your wood floor, making sure to pay attention to the edges along the baseboards where more dust and debris is likely to collect.

Be Careful With The Water

When it is time for you to give your wood floors more of a deep cleaning, you do not want to use a lot of water. After all, wood and a bucket of water really do not go hand-in-hand. While you are still going to use some water, you want to make sure that you are taking the time to wring the mop out of all of the water that you can. This way, the mop will be slightly damp to the touch, but it is not going to drip a lot of water all over the place. Remember, if you use too much water, you could end up with a warped floor, which would be very costly to fix.

Vacuum Without The Bristles

It is okay to vacuum your wood floors. In fact, it is encouraged because the suction from the vacuum will pull the dirt and dust out from the cracks between the wood planks that simple dust mopping was unable to get. However, you want to be careful with the vacuum selection. Purchase a vacuum that has a wood floor cleaning option. This way, when you switch it to that type of setting, the vacuum bristles either stop turning or will lift up and out of the way. This will prevent the vacuum from scratching up your wood floor.

With these three tips in mind, you should have no problem taking care of your floors with ease. For more tips, contact a company such as Carpet Specialist.

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