3 Things A Company Needs To Do Before Calling Junk Removal Services

Calling a junk removal service as a homeowner is usually a simple process--just toss your stuff out on the street corner and someone will come pick it up. But for a business, the process can be a little more complicated. There are quite a lot of items that a business will have that can't just be thrown out, regardless of how careful the company you're calling may be.

1. Remove the Hard Drive(s) from Any of Your Equipment

Hard drives aren't just in computers. They are also in many business printers and scanners. Make sure you have your IT technician take out any hard drives from any devices before they are thrown out, even if the devices don't work. It's not enough to just wipe the memory. Data can be recovered from any of these items and they may include confidential client information. As an additional, related note – you should also go through your items of furniture to make sure that there are no flash drives or CDs in them, for similar reasons.

2. Shred Any Documents With Personally Identifiable Information

Of course, you're undoubtedly already shredding documents that have confidential information--but your clients' personally identifiable information needs to go, too. This is information that includes names, addresses, phone numbers and other contact information. Something as simple as a name and a current address can be used by identity thieves, and most junk removal services cannot guarantee that these items won't fall into the wrong hands.

3. Take Out Toner Cartridges and Other Similar Waste Items

Toner cartridges, ink cartridges and many similar products cannot be thrown out with your regular waste. Instead, you can drop them off at waste management facilities, which are often tied to large (big box) technology stores. You can also ask that your junk removal service take these items, but there will often be an additional charge--and they should be notified in advance that they will be handling these types of waste.

If you aren't certain whether the items that you're throwing away are appropriate, you can always ask the junk removal service directly. Some junk removal companies have special services that they offer for specific items; others may be willing to go through your office with you to discuss your company's needs and the items that can or can't go on their truck. It's usually best to get a consultation so that you have a proper estimate of the time and expenses involved.

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