7 Kid Pleasing Additions To Make Your Pool The Most Popular On The Block

If you are a parent, you know that kids love pools. If you are fortunate enough to be able to have a pool in your own backyard, consider adding some personality to make it even more popular with your children and their friends. Here are seven fun ideas. 

An Extraordinary Water Slide

What's more fun than a water slide? Choose an exciting water slide with twists and turns. You can pick from covered models or slides that go over rocks or other landscaping. 

If twisting isn't your thing, opt for a straight slide designed to send kids flying at a high rate of speed only to come crashing into the pool. 

Zero Entry

Even the youngest children can enjoy independence in the pool when you trade your steps or ladders for a zero entry area. Little kids can easily learn to swim by getting gradually used to deeper water. Adults can enjoy sitting in a beach chair and dangling their toes in the water. 


Place sprayers around the pool for some extra excitement. Kids love to squeal and run when sprayers randomly go off around them. Sprayers can also be used in the pool itself and will spin and spray when the water pressure flows through them. 

Floating Games

Buy a board game attached to an inflatable base, and even kids who enjoy relaxation over rough play will have a great time in the pool with their friends. Floating games of chess, checkers or other popular games make lazy summer days drift by like a cloud. 

Monkey Bars

Use an idea from popular water parks and install playground style equipment in your pool. Start with monkey bars spanning the width of your pool. Kids will enjoy testing their strength almost as much as they will love splashing into the water when they let go. 

Volleyball Net

Older kids enjoy having a game to play while they enjoy the water. A volleyball net can make pool time even more fun. Your pool will become a gathering place for friendly competition and time spent together. 

Wet Picnics

Get an inflatable floating table and some inner tubes to go with it, so kids can enjoy a picnic lunch without ever having to leave the pool. 

Give your children warm weather memories that they will cherish throughout their lives with a few amazing additions to your backyard pool. Kids will like having the best pool in the neighborhood, and you will enjoy watching them have a wonderful time with their friends.

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