How To Avoid These Common Pool Care Mistakes

Especially during the hotter months of the year, you may be using your in-ground pool quite regularly. This is a great way to keep you and your family cool in the heat, and to have a great time with friends! It is important, however, to maintain your pool well, to avoid common problems and costly repairs.  Here are a few common mistakes to avoid.


The two most common issues with cleaning a pool tend to be not cleaning your pool correctly, and not cleaning it often enough. 

Vacuuming out your pool is essential to keeping it clean, but often people miss the important step of brushing the pool after vacuuming it.  Without brushing, algae can still grow in crevices, behind ladders, and in other tight spots of your pool.  It should be brushed at least once a week.

Adding pool shock to your pool water is a great way to periodically clear out algae in your pool, but it must be done properly! Never add pool shock through your pool filter, as this can cause it to literally explode.  Also, if you pour the pool shock directly into your pool water, it can bleach the pool liner and cause cracks and leaks.  First dissolve the shock into a large bucket of water, and then pour the mixture into your pool water.


Many pool owners don't check the pH and chlorine levels in their pool often enough, allowing bacteria to grow in the pool.  Be sure to check these levels at least once a week, perhaps twice during times of high usage.


It is important to clean your pool after every use, at least by the next day.  Vacuum and brush out the pool to prepare it for your next swim.  Additionally, if you have pets swim in your pool, remember to clean out filters that may have caught any hair left in the pool.  During the summer months, this can seem like a great deal of cleaning, but consistent effort can save you big in repair costs.

Remember how important it is to keep your pump running consistently, as well.  Some pool owners will turn off the pump when the pool is not in use, in order to save money on electricity.  Regardless of usage, your pump should be run for at least eight hours a day, to keep algae from growing.

Watch for Repair Needs

Never ignore needed repairs, such as small cracks or problems with your drain.  This can lead to water loss or larger problems, such as water damage to your deck or surrounding areas.  Take care of small repairs right away or have a company like Heritage Pool Plastering, Inc. do it for you to avoid having to pay for large repairs later.

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