Garbage Overload: Three Things You Can Do When Your Construction Site Is Overwhelmed With Junk

Even though you prepare in advance for the amount of scrap and garbage your construction site will produce, sometimes it just is not enough preparation. On occasion, a contractor might discover that there is a dumpster overload--too much trash and not enough dumpster space. If this sounds like a problem you experience often, here are a couple of options you may want to consider.

Emptying and Reloading

If you can spare a work detail crew, you can get the crew to empty the dumpsters (carefully!) and then repack and reload them for maximum use of the space. This can be especially helpful since your crew may discover that some trash or recyclable materials are preventing any more trash from being disposed of. Metal scraps can be laid to one side of the dumpster, while other metals, such as aluminum cans, can be loaded on the other side. Carpet scraps can be laid flat on one side of another dumpster, or rolled up and tied with twine to save room. Then you can toss bags of garbage in on the other side of the same dumpster that is holding the carpet scraps. Creating a little more room in each of your dumpsters this way could save you some money, money that would otherwise be spent on renting another dumpster.

Use Truck Beds and Haul Away Your Own Scraps or Recyclables

If your work site is close to a recycling plant, it may be quite feasible for you to use any of your trucks or dump trucks to haul away metal scraps and recyclables to the recycling plant. When you choose this option, you have a few extra hours' worth of work for a couple members of your crew during a slow time. You also create a lot more room in your onsite dumpsters so that the rest of the crew can keep working, clearing and building.

Additional Dumpster Rentals

When all of your other options and efforts are exhausted and you still have a garbage overload onsite, you may need to just add a dumpster. Additional dumpster rentals, even short-term, are typically available from some of the same companies, like Keith Krupenny & Son Disposal Service Inc, from which you already rent your other dumpsters. Even if all you need is a few extra feet of dumpster space for the week or a couple of days, most dumpster rental businesses are willing to accommodate the needs of construction contractors for a fair price.

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