A Game Of Thrones: Selecting The Right Toilet For Your Commercial Space

When it comes to planning the design of a commercial workspace, many companies fail to spend time considering their restroom needs. The fixtures that are installed in your commercial restrooms will be used multiple times throughout the day, so finding the right fixtures should be a priority if you want to avoid costly plumbing problems in the future.

Here are three features to look for as you shop for a commercial toilet,

1. Flush Performance

You want a commercial toilet to be able to flush quickly and completely each and every time it is used. In order to prevent clogs that will need the attention of a professional plumber, it can be beneficial to purchase a commercial toilet whose flush performance will meet your company's needs.

Look for a toilet with enough water pressure to completely clean the bowl with each flush. Your commercial toilet should also have the water pressure to carry waste far enough down your drain pipes to prevent clogs.

2. Efficiency

Finding ways to reduce your overhead costs can help make your company more profitable. Selecting the right commercial toilet could help you eliminate costly water bills each month. Be sure that you are looking for an efficient toilet that features water-saving technology when you are installing the fixtures in your commercial bathroom.

A low-flow toilet that can create a powerful flush while using minimal amounts of water will help your company save money in the future.

3. Comfort

You want your customers and employees to be comfortable while they are using your commercial restroom. In order to achieve maximum comfort, it can be beneficial to invest in a commercial toilet that is slightly taller than the average residential toilet.

Since there is no way to predict the physical attributes of the individuals who will be using your commercial restroom, having a toilet that measures 17 inches at the seat (as opposed to the traditional 15 inches) ensures that your restrooms can comfortably accommodate the young, old, and disabled with ease.

Selecting the fixtures for your commercial restroom might not be the most glamorous task, but it is one that could have a significant impact on the day-to-day functionality of your workspace. Consider investing in a commercial toilet that has superior flush performance, is equipped with water-saving technology, and provides a comfortable experience for the employees and customers that may be using your commercial restroom in the future.

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