3 Things To Consider As You Build Your Custom Home

Designing and building your dream home is a wonderful experience. You get the opportunity to create a property based on your personal preferences and exact needs. Before you break out the blueprints make sure to consider these 3 things so your building project can go off without any problems.

Consider zoning laws

Zoning laws are laws that dictate just how you can use your land. For example, you can't build a home and a small business on a residential lot, or you can't build a fence beyond a certain height. Before you present your blueprints to your contractor, you will want to discuss your intentions for your land with a real estate lawyer or your city counsel first. Doing so will ensure you aren't breaking any legalities in building your home on your property the way you want to.

Consider your budget

Building a custom home can become quite the expensive adventure if you let yourself get carried away. Think about the budget you have and then divide your expenses out according to need. If you want a huge kitchen, then the bulk of your budget should go there while the rest of your house's rooms can be more sparse in design. Or, if you want your landscape to be the focal point of your property, you may want to downscale the driveway to help even the blow to your budget.

Your contractor can help you choose where your funds should go so you can accomplish the most customized parts of your home without going over your budget. Check your budget often to make sure you aren't overdoing it along the way, since it's better to make changes before the project is finished than to try to scrape up the cash later once your home is completed.

Consider resell value

If you plan on selling your custom home in the future you want to make sure you build it in ways that are pleasing to potential buyers as well as yourself. This means the more extravagant add-ons, such as an infinity pool, custom garage, or a winding staircase, may want to be reconsidered for more humble additions to keep your home sell-worthy. You can still build your home just the way you want it, just make sure the personal touches are popular in a traditional way. Your real estate agent can help you determine the biggest selling points of custom homes to help you decide just how to design your own.

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