Commercial Plumbing: 4 Preventative Maintenance Tips To Keep Your Business Open

While residential plumbing has its fair share of problems, commercial plumbing tends to take a significant beating on a daily basis. The worst thing that you can do as a business owner is to underestimate just how important your plumbing system is to the operation of your commercial business. All it takes a simple water leak to wreak havoc on the interior of your business, create thousands of dollars of damage to your building, and potentially even close the doors for a few days (or weeks) while the damage is being repaired. So, in order for you to keep your business open to your customers, it is crucial that you take preventative measures to prevent any major plumbing issues. Here are a few preventative commercial plumbing maintenance tips to follow:

1. Keep Leaks Under Control

Every single drip that a faucet takes unnecessarily is costing your company money. Not only that, but there is a very good chance that the drip is only going to get worse with time if it isn't repaired. Sure, the tiny drip may not seem like a big deal right now, but it will when it begins dripping more and destroying the surrounding area and eventually resulting in structural damage. 

2. Limit What's Being Flushed

One of the most common reasons that toilets get clogged is because of something being flushed down the toilet that shouldn't have been—something other than human waste and toilet waste. It's virtually impossible to monitor what is being flushed down the toilet in a commercial business, and it is hard to enforce rules, but you can put up some signs that will remind your customers to only flush what is necessary. For businesses, it's the best option to avoid potential toilet woes.

3. Test for Silent Leaks

The silent leaks are the ones that are the most worrisome. Believe it or not, but your toilet, pipes, etc., could be leaking right now, and you would have no idea. Don't let these silent leaks burn a hole in your pocket and business revenue. You can have your plumbing system tested for leaks and have a professional fix any repairs. You can also keep a close eye on your water bill for any significant or unexplained increases, as this is often a signal that something is up.

4. Get an Inspection of Your Appliances

If you don't see an issue with any of your normal plumbing parts, you may want to look to some of your other appliances, such as the refrigerator. While you wouldn't suspect it right off the bat, it may be possible that there is a leak coming from these appliances. An obvious sign would be an unexplained puddle, but there could be a problem that you can't see, and an expert can perform a thorough inspection to be sure. 

To keep things under control at your commercial business, talk to a plumber at a company like Towers Murray Plumbing about a preventative maintenance plan. 

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