Practical Upgrades For A Basement Remodel

The words "practical" and "upgrade" may not seem like they go together. However, when you're remodeling a basement, you're upgrading your house with practical additions. In fact, depending on the desired use for your finished basement, a few added amenities may be eminently practical. As you plan to remodel or finish your basement, add upgrades that make sense.

Quartz Countertops

Many homeowners add a kitchenette or at least a wet bar to their finished basement, and naturally countertops will be a part of that construction. Granite is popular for kitchen countertops, but that may be a little pricey for a basement. Instead, consider quartz countertops. These countertops are constructed of ground quartz blended with polymers, pigments and resins. They can even resemble natural stone, including granite. What's more, as The Kitchn points out, quartz countertops are very durable and easy to maintain. If you're planning on doing much entertaining in your finished basement, quartz countertops are a good replacement for granite.

Window Well

Finished basements can take on a gloomy air if you're not careful. You'll need a good lighting plan to prevent this. Part of this plan should include a window well. A window well is an excavated and reinforced shaft surrounding a basement window. The design of the window well is essential so that it provides natural light as well as emergency egress. However, you'll want to top the well itself with glass to prevent flooding and intruders. That said, the light and ventilation a window well provides is worth the extra effort.

Custom-Built Storage

Another upgrade that's worth the effort is custom-built storage. The basement is a prime area for storage. So, no matter the desired use of your finished basement, make sure to include shelving, cabinets and closets. Likewise, consider having them tailored to your space and your needs. For instance, you could use a set of low shelves to delineate spaces in an open-plan basement. Cabinetry and closets can be further customized for your particular hobbies, especially if you need to store sports equipment. Finally, you can also design cabinetry and shelving that's an attractive addition to your basement rooms.

Hot Tub

Decks and other outdoor spaces are popular places for a hot tub or spa. However, if you live in a place with inclement weather, consider placing the tub in a basement spa room. Installing a hot tub in the basement is less tricky than on a higher floor, where reinforcement of the flooring may be necessary to accommodate the weight. You could even incorporate the spa room with a window well for a surprisingly light and airy space in your basement.

Design your basement to be a luxurious addition to your lifestyle. Talk to a contractor, like Lehman Construction Services Inc, for more help.

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