3 Benefits Of Hiring A Professional Tree-Removal Service

There can be many reasons to remove a tree in your yard, for example, if the tree has died, is growing into power lines, or creates a trash or insect problem in your yard. Whatever the reason you need to remove a tree, it can be helpful to hire a tree removal professional to complete the process for you, and here are three reasons.

Ensures a Safe Process

For some, the thought of running a chain saw or hand saw to cut down a tall tree in your yard can cause you anxiety and cold sweats. To safely and properly cut down a tree, specific protocol needs to be followed so you don't fall from the tree or cause a tree limb to land on you, another person, or any nearby structures. 

It is important to use a safety harness while you climb a tree and remove the tree piece by piece from the outer branches to the inner tree trunk. It is not recommended for you to cut down a tree in one cut to its trunk, as this can pose a hazard when it falls. Fortunately, professional tree removal companies have the right equipment and knowledge of the process to safely fell your tree.

Gives You Garden Mulch

A professional tree trimming company has access to the right equipment they need to cut the tree limb by limb, and also to chop the limbs into wood chips. Many tree professionals will sell the wood chips to local landscaping or wood recycling companies, but you can use them yourself in your own yard. Ask your tree removal professional to chip the wood from the tree for you and you can use it as a mulch for your landscaping and garden.

Many homeowners and landscapers buy wood chips from local gardening centers, but you have access to your own free wood chips from your own trees. Wood chip mulch provides a protective and attractive barrier over the soil to keep moisture in the soil and reduce weed growth. Then, the wood chips will naturally begin to decompose and replace nutrients back into the soil to benefit your plants.

Removal of the Tree Stump

After the tree has been cut down, you will be left with a stump protruding from the soil, complete with an entire root system. A tree removal company can provide the service of removing the stump from the soil so you can use the soil for other options. 

The tree professional can use a tree stump grinder to grind up the stump and its roots into the soil. This removes the stump as an obstruction for using the ground for another purpose and creates a rich mulch mixture within the soil of that site.  

Hiring a tree professional to remove a tree can benefit you in these three ways.

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