4 Important Parts To Lubricate During Annual Garage Door Maintenance

If there is one thing that is always important when it comes to maintaining your garage door, it is making sure the moving parts are lubricated. The moving components of the garage door must be lubricated to allow free movement. Without the proper lubrication, you could experience everything from door jams to broken parts and components. Grab a good tube of heavy-duty lithium grease and a grease gun, and make sure you lubricate these four important parts and components of your garage door during your annual maintenance routine. 

Door Hinges - The garage door hinges allow the sections of the door to move when the door is being rolled up or down. Therefore, the hinges must be able to move freely for the door to open and close properly. Spray grease works well in this area, but using a thicker grease will help to coat the moving hinges and protect them from weathering for the long term. So, look at the garage door and track down every last hinge. You may have to partially open the door to get to some of the hinges. 

Garage Door Springs - The garage door springs serve the crucial purpose of holding tension against the door's weight as it is in motion to prevent it from slamming shut. The garage door springs will occasionally have to be replaced, but you can help prolong this project just by keeping the springs properly lubricated. Coat the outside of the spring with a layer of grease and even add just a bit of extra to the inside of the spring to act as a reserve. 

Side Rollers - If you take a look at the garage door, you will see rollers on either side that move along the tracks when the garage door is opened or closed. To ensure these wheels continue to move freely, keep them well lubricated. Try to apply grease to the inner bearing of the roller itself by using a fine-pointed grease gun to get into the tiny crevice. 

Garage Door Opener Chain or Belt - Even though the garage door opener is actually a separate component from the garage door, it is also a good idea to add lubrication to this as well. Primarily, lubrication needs to be added to the chain or belt pulley system of the opener. Adding lubrication to this component keeps the belt or chain moving freely across the guides so the door opens and closes smoothly. 

If you experience any problems with your garage door, contact a garage door repair professional at a company like Callahan Door and Window for assistance.

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