Low Water Pressure? Here Are The Most Likely Culprits

When you turn on your shower or faucet, do you get more of a slow trickle than a forceful stream? Low water pressure can be pretty aggravating, making your showers less enjoyable and increasing the time it takes to fill the sink or a cleaning bucket. In order to tackle the issue and restore adequate water pressure, you first have to figure out what's causing the drop in pressure. Here's a look at the most common causes.

Mineral Clogs

Do you have hard water? If you have to use a lot of soap to generate a lather or are noticing mineral deposits around your faucets, then you probably do. Hard water contains a lot more dissolved minerals than soft water, and these minerals like to deposit themselves along the insides of your pipes. Over time, this can lead to clogs that slow down the flow of water and reduce your water pressure.

Your plumber can locate mineral deposit clogs by sending a special camera down into your pipes. If deposits are the cause of your low pressure, you may need to have the clogged section of piping replaced. Installing a water softener will prevent the clogs from re-appearing down the road.


Have you noticed that your water bills are higher than normal? Perhaps there's some unexplained moisture or a moldy smell in your basement. These are signs that you may have a leak in one of the larger pipes leading into your home. Some water is leaving the system before it even gets to your faucets, so of course you have low water pressure.

Big leaks in your main pipes can cause a lot of damage if left unaddressed. Thankfully, your plumber can quickly locate these leaks with a camera. Then, if needed, the pipes can be replaced or re-routed around the leaky, damaged pipe. In some cases, your plumber may be able to apply epoxy to the inside of the pipe to the leak from the inside out.

Low Delivery Pressure

It's possible that your water is being delivered very slowly from the municipal water supply. If you've ruled out leaks and clogs, this is the most likely explanation. Contact your local water department to let them know that your pressure is low. They'll make sure there's no leak on their end that's contributing to your problem.

If your water pressure is low coming into your home, a plumber like Marv's Plumbing can install a pressurizing device. This appliance will be placed in your basement and it looks like a big water tank. It will pressurize the water before sending it through your pipes, making your showers a lot more enjoyable.

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