Water Heater Installation: Common Homeowner Mistakes And Why They Are Easy To Make

If there is one appliance in your home that gets disregarded, it is the hot water heater. Tucked away out of sight, this appliance is working hard everyday to give you and your family hot water on demand. Eventually, your hot water heater will have to be replaced, however, and this may seem like a simple enough job you can tackle on your own. Unfortunately, a lot of homeowners make this same assumption and end up making some pretty costly mistakes. 

Mistake: getting a water heater that is far too small for the number of occupants in the house. 

Why? It is a pretty safe assumption that houses with more people in it will use more hot water, but this is still a fact that many homeowners forget when investing in a new water heater model. If you get a water heater that does not house enough hot water, you will be constantly running out of hot water. In some situations, it is a more efficient idea to invest in an on-demand hot water heater that heats water as it is needed. 

Mistake: Not tightening the water connections efficiently before filling the tank. 

Why? The regular water heater is basically a tank that has a series of connecting hoses and even a few drainage points. If any one of these waterway connections are left loose, it can cause all kinds of problems, from leaks to water damage. Even though this sounds like a simple mistake, it is definitely one you do not want to make. Therefore, once the water heater is in place, double check every hose and pipe connection for a tight fit and make sure drainage areas are closed tightly. 

Mistake: Not connecting the water heater properly to electric or gas power. 

Why? Water heaters are either fueled by electric or gas, which means there could be wiring involved in setup or even making connections to existing gas lines. This leaves a lot of room for error if you have little experience. A wrong electrical connection can mean your unit will not function efficiently and an improper gas connection could prevent your hot water heater from heating water at all. 

In the end, it can be better to hire a professional for this seemingly simple job and avoid some common errors. If you need a new hot water heater installed in your home, contact a licensed plumbing professional for assistance. 

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