Ways To "Finish" An Outdoor Space

Your yard takes up valuable real estate on your property. So, why not put money into making it as great as possible? Here are some finishing touches to consider in your outdoor design plan.

Go Beyond Concrete Basics

For one, you can make your front yard look a lot spiffier by including some embellishments to your concrete. A basic sidewalk is like a blank slate, but what if you add color to the concrete mix to make it unique? You could also add rock aggregate to give the surface a more multi-dimensional appearance.

Other people choose to use unique materials aside from concrete for things that typically are made of concrete. You could try driveway gravel or even shells as a surface for cars and people. Concrete contractors generally work with a number of other materials in addition to concrete. So, you could ask for their advice on which material would work best with the setup you have now.

Include Lighting

All of your pathways should include lights to illuminate the paths and make it easier for people to identify your home. These may be motion sensors that only use energy when someone needs them to. But keep in mind that lighting serves the function of deterring intruders as well; when the lights are on and it looks like you're home, people are going to be less likely to snoop around.

Choose Plants Wisely

Landscaping should walk the line between being functional and unique. Certain plants may require a bit more attention but it's often worth it to include your own personality in your landscaping design. Contact a specialist about the landscaping designs that could change your yard from a flat, green canvas to a textured garden wonderland. Basic perennial plants are easy enough to take care of with the proper watering schedule. And then there are year-round plants, such as succulents and conifers, that will add value to your home throughout the seasons. Make sure you do erosion control (such as by building retaining walls) to keep all sections of your garden in tact even when the soil is disturbed.


A fence is more than just the cherry on top when you're planning out your landscaping. It's an important step to take for your own privacy. Once you have a fence in place, you're likely to see fewer trespassers of both the human and animal variety. Couple that with signs about dogs in your lawn, and you'll send a strong message on how you feel about people mistreating your property.

For more information, you will want to contact a company such as Specialty Construction Supply.

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