Double Damage: When Your Construction Vehicle Rear-Ends A Passenger Car

Construction vehicles are like small tanks; they could roll over many passenger cars and not suffer much damage. However, in a high-speed collision on the highway, the vehicle could be damaged by a larger passenger vehicle or truck. If your construction vehicle smacked into the back-end of another vehicle, and both lost a windshield, here is what you (i.e., your driver/employee) should do.

1. Call the Insurance Company to See If the Damages Are Covered

After calling you to alert you to the accident and calling the police, you should call your construction company's insurance provider. It is important to find out if the insurance company will cover the damages to the construction vehicle's front windshield and/or the passenger vehicle's rear windshield. In most cases, your insurance should cover the damages to the other vehicle, but there might be some exceptions. If the damages are covered, both vehicles might have to travel or be towed to the windshield repair company that the insurance provider expects you to use.

2. When Insurance Does Not Cover the Damages

All things considered, windshields are often one of the least expensive repairs. For this reason, most windshields are not immediately covered under insurance claims, regardless of the number of windshields broken. That said, you should offer to pay for the other driver's windshield, which was damaged by your employee's driving. Since you will already have called a windshield repair technician to come and replace the glass on your construction vehicle, it is no greater trouble to also request a replacement windshield for the damaged passenger vehicle. Both can be replaced on the side of the road so long as everyone is out of harm's way.

3. Extending the Offer and Replacing the Glass

Have your employee extend the windshield replacement offer to the other driver. If the other driver accepts, you can call a repair company with the other driver's information as well as the information for your own commercial vehicle. Then the technician will load his/her truck with the two different windshields and needed supplies and drive to the scene. Here, the technician removes all of the broken windshield glass and installs the two new windshields. The process takes all of an hour or less per vehicle (often thirty to forty-five minutes, although that depends on the experience level of the technician, too). Then your employee and the other driver get in their respective vehicles and drive away.

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