Common Front Door Problems That Can Be Repaired

Having a front door that is in good condition is essential for the safety and security of your home. But over time, as a door ages, problems can begin to occur. Like most issues in a home, it is typically less expensive to have your front door repaired instead of replacing it entirely. Some common front door problems that require repair include:

Swelling and Sticking

Fluctuations in temperatures and humidity levels can cause the door and frame to swell, which can cause the door to stick and get stuck in the door frame. This is especially true of wood doors, which can be more sensitive to high temperatures and humidity. If this problem is not repaired, it can eventually become very difficult to next to impossible to open and close the door. A door repair company can sand down the areas of the door that have warped and swelled so the door opens and closes with ease.


Residential front doors can be very heavy, and it is possible for the hinge leaves that hold the door in the door frame to wear out. When this happens, the hinges are no longer able to support the full weight of the door, which can cause it to sag under its own weight. Luckily, this is a pretty simple fix for a door repair company. If you notice that your front door is sagging and it is hard to open and close despite being previously sanded, hire a door repair company to replace the hinges with decking screws.


If a front door is not in good repair, it will not be air-tight which can allow outside air into your home. As a result, your house may feel drafty in the winter and too warm in the summer. You may also notice an increase in your heating and cooling bills. If you have a door that is letting in air, you can most likely fix the problem yourself by either applying weather stripping around the door frame or installing a draft stopper to the bottom of your front door.

Lock Problems

Most people rely on dead bolt locks for their front doors, but these can develop problems after continuous use. When your key no longer fits smoothly in the lock or it becomes very difficult to lock and unlock the door, it is most likely time for a new lock. Contact a locksmith company like Crawford Door Sales Of Nevada Ltd for assistance in choosing a new lock and having it installed. 

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