How To Prepare For A Gutter Installation

It's human nature to not recognize the importance and relevance of the things around us until they're broken. As one of those things, gutters go unnoticed on a day to day basis but once they are broken, suddenly the world stops and they're all you can think about. Not only do gutters protect your roof but they also protect the entire structure of your house from getting too much moisture in it which can cause further problems like mold, rot, and deterioration. 

And with winter just around the corner, having broken gutters can suddenly be pushed to your list of top priorities. Luckily, with the help of the right gutter screen installation company, you can get your gutters either repaired or replaced before the first big storm of the season. To help you prepare for your gutter installation, we have created a brief guide. Let's take a closer look:

Locate the Problem

Remember that when it comes to home improvement repairs like gutters, time is money. So, if you hire someone to come inspect your gutters and locate the problem, you are going to have to pay them for the time they spend trying to find it. To save them time and most importantly, save your wallet, locate the problem before they come out. For instance, if you have a hole in your gutter, find the hole before you even schedule an appointment with the repair person. 

Remove the Gutters

If you have a ladder, strong hands, and are physically able to, remove your gutters before the gutter installation technician comes over-- this will speed up the process and help them get started on the repairs or replacement sooner rather than later. To remove your gutters you will need a ladder, a drill to remove the screws, some gloves so your hands don't get cut, and some muscles. Simply use your drill to remove the screws holding your gutters in place and pull them away from your house. 

Clean Out Debris

Another thing you can do to prepare for your gutter installation? Clean out any debris including leaves, rocks, dirt, sticks, a baseball or two from last summer-- basically anything in them. 

If you are getting your gutters repaired or if you're getting new ones installed this year, make sure to use these basic tips listed above-- they will save you time, money, and help get your house ready before you know it. 

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