5 Top Features To Include In Your Custom Home

If you are in the process of building a custom home that you intend to put on the market and sell, you need to make sure that you are including the right features in your custom home. The kitchen is one of the places that can really make a custom home stand out if you include the right features.


A kitchen is not just about the appliances that are inside of it, it is about the environment and feel of your kitchen. Lightening is vitally important to a kitchen. Adding in additional sources of natural light via either skylights or light tubes can be a great way to add more access to outdoors and allow more natural light into your kitchen. Skylights and light tubes are particularly great features to add to your kitchen design if you are not including a lot of windows within the kitchen.

Work Lights

In addition to adding natural light to your kitchen, you want to make sure that you have the light you need at all points for preparing meals. Work lights, or task lights, are essential for a kitchen. Be sure to add high quality under cabinet light to your kitchen space. This will add another layer of light to your kitchen and provide extra light for when you are doing tasks such as washing dishes and chopping vegetables on your kitchen counter.

You should also make sure that some recess lights and general overhead lights are added to the kitchen space. Multiple lightening options will add layers to kitchen and make it a more functional and beautiful space.

Double-Bowl Sink

Single bowl sinks may be popular in magazines, but real people enjoy double bowl sinks. Double bowl sinks are great for when you want to wash your dishes by hand. They are also great when you want to use the different portions of your sink for different tasks. For example, if you want to defrost a turkey in one side of the sink and rinse off vegetables in the other side of your sink. Double-bowl sinks are functional and are a features that many people still look for in homes.

Prep Sink

In addition to a double-bowl sink, a prep sink is a great addition to a custom kitchen. A prep sink is great when you have two people cooking at once. A prep sinks gives you both space to clean off vegetables and keep your hands clean as you work. Make sure that the prep sink also has a garbage disposal in order to keep things clean.

Double Dishwashers

A nice feature for a big custom kitchen are double dishwashers. Put one dishwasher near the prep sink and the other dishwasher near the main sink or food preparing area. You don't have add two full size dishwashers; you can add one full size dishwasher and one mini-dishwasher. This is great for a kitchen that is large and made for entertaining.

These are just a few features that will make your custom kitchen stand out. Keep in mind that having an extended stove top, double oven, warming draw, built in wine coolers and ice makers are all additional potential options you could add to your custom kitchen to make it stand out and appeal to buyers who value a customized and unique kitchen space in their home. Just make sure that everything flows cohesively and your kitchen design doesn't feel overwhelmed with appliances.  Contact a company, like David James Custom Homes , for more help.

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