3 Ways To Keep Things Clean When Painting The Outside Of Your House

If you are getting ready for exterior house painting, you want to make sure you don't make a big mess outside. Just because you are outside doesn't mean you want to get paint everywhere. Cleaning paint off your windows, wood patio, and lawn is not a fun task, which is why you need to protect the inside of your house from paint just like you protect the outside of your house. 

Cover Up Your Windows

First, you are going to want to cover up your windows. You don't want to get paint on the window frames or on the glass itself. Use paper to cover up the windows and painters tape. Be sure to cover up the glass and the window frame; that way you will not have to spend valuable time later removing paint from the frame and the glass. 

This may make your house a little dark inside, but only temporarily. Once you paint a section of your home, you can remove the cover from your windows.

Protect Your Bushes & Flowers

If you have bushes and flowers right next to your home, you are not going to want to drip paint all over them. To protect your bushes and flowers, when you paint that section of the house, throw a plastic cover over your vegetation.

Don't leave the cover on for too long; just put it in place while you paint that section of your house. Remove the cover once you are done with that section or side of your house. You can even use the same sheet or two to protect all the plants around your home by moving the plant as you work.

Cover Your Wood Patio

If you will be painting near your wood patio, it can be tough to get paint off your wood. Protect your wood like you would the floor in your home. Tape down a plastic sheet or drop cloth on your wood patio. That way, you don't accidentally drip paint on your wood patio. 

It is really easy for paint to drip off your paint brushes and rollers as you paint the outside of your home.  It is also suprisingly easy to spill a little paint as you pour the paint into the rolling dish. Taking the time to cover up your windows and patio, and protect your plants, will make the clean up process after you are done painting the outside of your house much easier. You will just have to roll up and throw away the plastic, and will not have to spend a bunch of time removing paint from where it dripped. 

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