Several Myths About Insulating Your Home

If you are currently looking at your options for improving the energy efficiency and comfort of your home, you may want to consider adding more insulation to the house. Unfortunately, there are widespread myths about insulation. Having these notions corrected can prevent you from being misled while attempting to make informed decisions about your home's insulation.

Myth: Insulation Will Never Need To Be Replaced

One of the more common misconceptions is that insulation will not need to be replaced once it is installed. While it is true that insulation will rarely need to be replaced or maintained, it can suffer damage from prolonged exposure to moisture. This moisture can contribute to molds and other substances growing in the insulation that could contribute to it rotting or emitting foul odors. Additionally, it can be necessary to replace the insulation if it were to become infested with a variety of pests, such as rats.

Myth: The Addition Of More Insulation Will Require Sections Of The Walls To Be Removed

When you are wanting to add more insulation to the house, you might have some worries about the work that will be required to make these upgrades a reality. For example, you might be concerned that it will be necessary to remove sections of the walls to place the insulation in the correct location. Yet, there are types of insulation that can be installed by using a spray delivery system. This will allow the insulation to be installed by only cutting a small hole in the wall so that the spray nozzle can be put through it.

Myth: There Are No Advantages To Adding Insulation To The Garage

The garage of your home is likely one of the least insulated areas of the house. While it is common for individuals to simply assume that this lack of insulation will not have a major impact on the house, it can become a source of major energy loss. The cold or hot air that accumulates in the garage can quickly spread throughout the rest of the house, which can force your heating or cooling system to have to work much harder to offset this temperature imbalance. For the best results from the insulation that you add to the garage, you should have this part of the house inspected by an experienced insulation contractor. These individuals will be able to help you decide on a type of insulation along with where the insulation should be installed so that you achieve the best results for your budget.

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