3 Reasons That Sports Facilities Need Security Shutters

Security is important to sports stadiums, arenas, and other facilities. While the building's management may have on-site security staff working around the clock, it's also important to consider physical security methods that will keep fans, staff, and athletes safe, as well as provide other benefits. If you're making some security-focused changes to a sports facility that you manage, you should strongly consider security shutters. These heavy aluminum or steel shutters can work in a variety of locations around your building and will come in handy in a number of applications.

1. Closing Off Certain Areas

There may be times that you wish to restrict fan access to certain areas. For example, if you're holding a smaller event, you may not be selling tickets to the upper deck and, as such, you might want to keep fans out of this area. Taping off the ramps to the upper decks isn't much of a deterrent, and stationing a security officer in these areas isn't an effective use of this resource. Instead, consider security shutters. Once closed and locked, the security shutter will be 100 percent effective for closing the area and restricting fan access.

2. Protecting The Athletes

Most fans are unlikely to want to do harm to either team's athletes, but when fans see their idols in person, they may flock toward them and encourage other fans to do the same. Players don't normally walk the same hallways as fans, but at some sporting venues, the players can be within sight of fans. For example, there might be a spot in the concourse that allows fans to see through toward the players' dressing rooms. In order to protect the athletes from any threats, installing security shutters that you can keep closed in these areas is a good investment.

3. Controlling Exterior Access

Before the gates to the venue open in advance of a game, the fans outside may be boisterous and anxious to get inside. Security personnel might be restricting their access, but if a large group of fans decides to surge forward, it may be able to get inside. You're better off using security shutters at the exterior access points. With the shutters kept closed until it's time to allow fans to enter, you won't have to worry about what issues could arise in the event of people getting in prematurely. Speak to a security company like Nevada Rolling Shutter Inc. to learn what types of shutters will best suit your facility. 


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