Four Ways To Prepare Your Home For Hurricane Season

If you live in a region that's prone to hurricanes, you likely already know you can't always protect your home from damage. While you may not be able to "hurricane-poof" your house, you can take steps to minimize the damage that does occur.

Install New Windows

Traditional windows can become extremely dangerous during a hurricane. The strong winds can send projectiles flying through your windows with incredible force. The shards of glass can also become as deadly as bullets.

Hurricane impact windows won't be able to stop things from flying into them, but they can mitigate the damage it causes. Similar to automobile windshields, storm impact windows are made with a type of safety glass that won't shatter on impact. Instead, this laminated glass will break, but because it is laminated, it will only spider in place rather than explode into a million pieces.

Install Hurricane Shutters

The same window contractor that installs your new windows can also set you up with shutters. These are not decorative shutters that flank each side of your window and add curb appeal. Rather, these are working shutters.

They are usually made of metal, and they attach to a system of tracts, bolts, or both. They are only used when you know a storm is coming. When it's time to start your storm prep, you simply grab your shutters out of storage and affix them to the permanent bolts that have been installed previously. When the storm subsides, you take them down again, returning your windows and doors to their original state.

Keep Your Yard Clean

Anything that isn't anchored down in your yard can become airborne. Your lawn chairs, grill, and anything else on your patio or deck should be locked up in the garage or brought into the house. If you have a swimming pool, make sure it is uncovered. Don't drain it but do turn off the power and add extra chlorine per the manufacturer's directions. Make sure the gutters are free of debris as well.

Tend To The Landscaping

Falling tree branches can cause a lot of damage. A falling tree can cause even more trouble. Therefore, it's extremely important you keep up with trimming, pruning, and felling dead limb and trees. If you are comfortable doing this job yourself, hire a professional arborist or tree trimmer to do it for you. Hurricane-force winds can easily topple trees or send branches flying.

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