Moving To A Hurricane Prone Area? 3 Types Of Hurricane Window Protection Available

If you are moving to a hurricane prone area you need to ensure you have window protection. This will help result things from blowing into your home from the high winds. Below is information about three different types of window protection so you can decide what you would like.

Impact Storm Windows

You can replace your current windows with impact storm windows. This is an expensive option, but they do offer great protection as they can withstand high winds and debris that blow against the windows.

Impact storm windows also offer other benefits. For example, they prevent air from blowing into your home or out of your home which will make your home much more energy efficient. They are also very strong so the windows would be difficult to break into from an intruder. They also help your home be sound proofed. This will be extremely beneficial if you live in a city or any area that has a lot of noise.

If you choose impact storm windows they will offer complete protection from high winds so you would need to install anything else. 

Window Film

Window film will not completely prevent your windows to come out during a hurricane but they this will add some protection. For example, the film will prevent the glass to break into big shards. Instead, the film will hold the windows and the glass will break into small pieces instead. This will help prevent injury or even death to you and your family. This is because a big shard of glass could hit someone.

The window film must be placed on the windows correctly. If not, they will become detached from the window. Because of this, you should hire a professional to put the window film on the windows. One way to do this is to use strong adhesives so the adhesive will hold the film on the windows. The professional can also use a special type of equipment to place the windows on with must stronger pressure.

Plywood Shutters

Another option you have is plywood shutters that are placed on the exterior windows. The plywood does need to be thick enough so the wind will not easily remove the shutters during high winds. If the shutters are thick, they will stay stable and protect the windows.

Strong bolts are first installed to hang the shutters on. You can keep the bolts on the outside of the windows if you prefer. This will make it much quicker for you to put the shutters off and on. You can remove the shutters once the hurricane season is over and then put them back on when a hurricane is close to you.

These shutters are extremely heavy however, so it will take more than one person to remove them. You can store them in a garage or in an enclosed building.

Talk to a windows company, like Southern Glass & Mirror, that installs storm and hurricane window protection. They can give you much more information, so you can decide what you would choose.

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