3 Things To Consider Before Installing New Floors In Your Home

Whether you're replacing old floors in one room of your home or giving the entire place a flooring makeover, there are many things to consider to help ensure that you get the results you expect and deserve when all is said and done. Here are just a few important considerations you should make before installing new floors in your home:

Do Pets Live Inside the House?

If dogs or cats live inside your home with you, chances are that you'll need to restore the baseboards in your home due to a build-up of urine and pet dander that makes it way through your flooring to settle into the baseboards as time goes on. Even if pets spend just part of the day in your home, they could cause serious damage to your baseboards.

And, small children can cause havoc and cause enough damage to the baseboards that they'll need to be restored before you can install new flooring. In fact, wear and tear from foot traffic over the years alone could damage your floorboards.

So if your flooring is more than a decade or so old, you have pets living in the house, or there are small children in your family, you should plan and prepare for a floorboard restoration project before installing your new flooring.

How Long Will the Project Take?

Before you start your flooring installation project, it's important to consider how long the job will likely take for each room and for your home overall. While it might seem like it will be easy to simply live around the construction while the floor is being installed, there are many challenges you'll like face that should be prepared for ahead of time.

For example, you might think you can get the bedrooms re-floored in just a day, but what if the job doesn't get done? Everyone living in the bedrooms that are affected will have to find another place to sleep for at least one night. So it's best to prepare ahead of time for possible problems to minimize the inconvenience and stress that your family experiences as the flooring is replaced.

Should a Professional Be Hired to Do the Job?

You should also seriously consider whether hiring a professional to install your new flooring will benefit your family before trying to do the job yourself. Not only can a professional get the job done quickly, safely, and efficiently, but they'll be able to handle all the extra work like baseboard restorations and trim that needs to be installed after the new flooring has been put it.

And, you can expert your service provider to guarantee their work and offer you some financial protection for your flooring investment in the form of warranties and insurance. For more information, contact a flooring installation company such as Thayer Decorating Center.

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