Possible Reasons Why Your Home's Plumbing Has Low Water Pressure

Weak water pressure is a frustrating problem when you need full water flow for showering or doing dishes. Your cold water faucets may have the proper pressure, but the hot water faucets are weak. This makes it difficult to get the right temperature and pressure you need for showering. Several things can cause low pressure in a hot water line. Here's how to tackle this problem.

Test All The Water Outlets

One way to narrow down the source of the problem is to test the water pressure coming from all of your faucets and water outlets to see if the cold and hot water both have low pressure. If the cold water pressure is okay, but all of the hot water outlets are all low, then the problem is somewhere before or inside the hot water tank. If only one faucet is low, then the problem is with a single pipe or faucet.

Clean Or Replace Faucet Parts

When you have hard water, scale builds up inside the pipes and faucets. This can cause clogging that leads to low water pressure.

If the cold water at the same faucet is okay, you know the problem isn't with the aerator, so it must be in the handle or hot water line. Take the pieces apart if you feel comfortable doing so, and clean off the scale buildup. If parts are damaged, you may need to replace them or call a plumber to replace them.

Clean Out A Clogged Supply Line

If scale or corrosion builds up inside a pipe, the inside of the pipe becomes narrow. This can affect water pressure.

You may need to hire a plumber to clean out the pipe or replace it with a new section of pipe. If that part of the pipe is corroded, other pipes in your home may be too, so you'll want to watch for other problems that may occur with your plumbing.

Have The Water Heater Repaired

Clogging in the water heater is also a cause of low pressure in the hot water lines. This causes low pressure in every hot water outlet.

This problem might be repaired by flushing out the water heater to get rid of the sediment buildup. If you suspect problems with the hot water heater, let a plumber check the tank and parts to look for clogs and damage so that the right repairs can be done to restore proper water pressure to your home.

If your cold water lines also have low pressure, then other causes should be looked into. The problem could be located between your meter to the water main in your home. There might be clogging in the water main or several pipes in your house, or the problem might be with the pressure regulator that controls pressure for your entire plumbing system.

If your home has low water pressure, contact a plumbing contractor near you.

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