Looks Matter: Choosing The Right Shower Niche Style

A shower niche is a very convenient addition to a shower that provides you with a place where you can set grooming products. Otherwise, you may be forced to purchase a basket to place somewhere in your shower. The niche can look very classy and elegant, but there are some niches that look better than others. There are several factors to take into consideration when installing the most beautiful shower niche.

Number of Niches

The first question you should ask is how many niches you need. Many showers have only one niche, which should be enough to hold your grooming products. However, more than one niche can allow you to have a niche for each type of grooming product. For example, you might want a double niche. The more niches you add, the more you'll be changing the appearance of your shower.

Contrasting Tiles

When you look at a lot of shower niches, one of the most common features you'll see is shower niches that have contrasting tiles. However, a contrasting tile can cause a shower to feel dated. There are some homeowners who are able to create niches with contrasting tiles that look great, but this can be difficult to achieve. 

Preformed Niches

If you would like to install a shower niche that is much easier, consider installing a preformed shower niche. These are made from waterproof materials. Some come with an outer flange that is designed to attach the niche to a waterproof membrane and allows the niche to be attached to the framing. The other type of shower niche is a retrofit niche that is attached to a hole in the tile. As long as the preformed shower niche is attached properly and blends in with the rest of your shower, it can look great.

Obscure Niches

You might not like how niches look, but you may love the convenience of a niche. If this is the case, there are fortunately some niches that can blend in with the rest of your shower. They have the same tile as the rest of the shower. However, when you're creating a small and unobtrusive niche, one of the most important rules is to make sure that it's large enough. If your niche is too short, you might have bottles of body wash that won't fit. It's better to have a niche that is much taller than what you need. You never know what you might want to store there.

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