3 Ways Steel Buildings Can Be Damaged, And How They Are Repaired

Steel buildings are supposed to be incredibly strong. For the most part, they are. They will stand the test of time, but only if they are not exposed to extreme situations. The following shows how a steel building can be damaged and how those damages are repaired. 

1. Wall Crunched in by a Truck

A semi-tractor/trailer or a massive construction truck like a dump truck can do some serious damage when they run into a building. Steel buildings do not have a chance if a 60,000lb dump truck hits the exterior wall at 60 miles an hour. Likewise, a semi that cannot stop on time while going around a sharp bend in the road can skid off and charge through a steel building as though it were made of rotting wood. The only way to fix this is to have a contractor remove the smashed wall and replace it while supporting the remaining and undamaged part of the wall. It may take several days to several weeks, depending on the extent of the damages. 

2. Heavy and Fallen Objects on the Roof

Steel roofing is very popular now. It can withstand a lot, but if you drop something heavier than a redwood tree on the roof, that roof is done for. Examples include accidentally dropping or swinging a wrecking ball too wide from a neighboring property, or a boom crane that falls over and the boom arm crushes the roof. More unusual items include space junk, large meteorites, and pieces of a plane that have exploded in the air. When any of the above fall on a steel roof and cause it major damage, the whole of the roof has to be removed and replaced. 

3. Explosions

Nothing like an internal explosion of pipes or other explosive devices to damage a steel building. If you are lucky, the damage is fairly controlled in a small area of the building. If you are not lucky, most of the building is gone.

The good news is that fire may destroy anything else that is not steel, but the steel skeletal structure that remains after the explosion has occurred will provide the foundation for rebuilding. A steel building damage repair contractor can spend months rebuilding this building, but any remaining steel will help with the reconstruction and reduce the overall costs of rebuilding. Make sure you get a good contractor and get your insurance check before you begin. 

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