6 Common Construction Applications Of Limestone

Limestone is a material that has found tons of construction applications since the beginning of human history. If you're wondering whether it might be appropriate for a project, here are 6 applications it would be great for.

Block Building

Limestone is ideal for situations where you want to seal a wall tightly while also achieving a very natural look. For example, it's an excellent choice for building retaining walls in wet environments. Limestone rock has a very fine grain, and that means it tends to be dense. This allows it to deliver centuries of use.

It also is more than strong enough to be used for the main structures of a house. Columns can be constructed from the stone, and it can also be used to build chimneys and fireplaces. Even walls can be constructed with it.

Tiles and Pavers

Unsurprisingly, such a durable product is wonderful for use in tiles and pavers. There are even carbonate forms of limestone available that allow designers to get looks that are gray rather than the yellow color traditionally associated with the stone. The product can also be cut into very large squares, and that's useful for situations where contractors want to employ large tiles or pavers. In fact, pavers made of the stone are tough enough to be used to create driveways.

Cladding and Siding

Putting limestone on the outside of a structure is a very interesting solution. Properly cut, it can be used as cladding. It affords a much more durable surface than you'll see with other products, like siding. The appearance of the stone is also much more natural, and it can create a visually striking look. If you want a more aged look for a structure, limestone has the potential to wow.

Construction Bases

Putting down a solid base is essential for many projects, and limestone is ready to do the job. It's commonly used in road bases, concretes, and cement. When the ground underneath a structure is too soft, adding crushed limestone can make a big difference, too.


Thin sheets of the stone are occasionally used for roofing, creating a very distinctive look. A major advantage of limestone as a roofing material is that it's less fragile than many other stone roofing materials, such as slate.


Limestone is sometimes used to make stucco and similar materials used to finish walls. It adds an interesting texture and has a very natural tone.

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