Is A Custom Home Worth The Investment?

Custom home construction should be exciting and fun, but there are some practical considerations to account for before beginning a project. One of the biggest is determining whether a custom house is worth the investment.

You'll need to develop plans, hire a custom home builder, and deal with a variety of small issues along the way. That's not justifiable in all circumstances, but it can be in certain ones. Here are five scenarios where this type of project may be worth it.

The Terrain Demands It

One of the strongest arguments for a custom home construction project comes from the demands of the terrain on the property. Some locations have limitations that won't easily lend themselves to cookie-cutter solutions. For example, it might be hard to take advantage of a lakefront view without creating a custom home because the underlying bedrock may only work in certain spots. Likewise, the view might be best in a specific location.

Engineering Is the Only Alternative

Some properties can be engineered to support a more basic design. The question then becomes "Is customizing the house cheaper than engineering?" Property owners in such situations usually need to conduct a number of surveys, and it should be pretty obvious what the answer will be by the time you get to this question. Even if it proves to be a toss-up, there's an argument that customization will help you steer clear of potentially unforeseen issues.

Uniqueness Matters

A lot of folks just need a place to store their bones at night. Many other people would prefer that their homes not look like someone else's place. Custom home construction is the simplest path to creating a unique home with your aesthetic sensibilities all over it.

Aging and Special Needs

Especially with the aging of the American population, customizing a house can be a practical choice for everyday living. Wider hallways, simpler staircases, and bigger kitchens, for example, can all make life easier. The same applies to folks with physical or mental disabilities. A custom home builder should be able to work with you to create a set of solutions that will tick off all the boxes.

Working From Home

A growing percentage of the population works from home. Rather than jamming your requirements into an existing design, it may be easier to create the office or shop you've always dreamed of owning. If you need to meet with people at your office, for example, you can even provide outside access to keep visitors from traipsing through your domicile.

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