Three Weeknight Roofing Projects That Help Prevent Leaks

Roof leak prevention is often seen as a big project. You may picture a roofer spending an entire day sealing various areas or repairing broken shingles. Sometimes, these large leak prevention tactics are necessary. But in many cases, you can prevent and reduce the risk of roof leaks with some smaller projects that only take a few hours or less. In fact, you can probably tackle each of these leak prevention projects on a weeknight!

Clean the Gutters

Cleaning the gutters is a maintenance task that is often described as a preventative measure for your siding and foundation. But while clean gutters do help protect your foundation and siding, they also help protect your roof. Clear gutters ensure water drains off the roof properly so you don't get mushy, peeling shingles that then lead to leaks.

All you need to clean your gutters is a ladder, some good gloves, and a bucket. Have a friend or family member hold your ladder for safety, and then climb on up. Scoop the gunk out of the gutter, drop it in the bucket, and move down the line until your gutters are clean.

Sweep the Roof

Sweeping off the roof may seem like a strange thing to do. If you live in a pretty windy area, you may never have to do this. However, if there has not been any wind for a while, but your trees have been losing leaves, then you should sweep the roof. You want to remove any leaves and debris before they get a chance to trap moisture and keep the shingles wet. 

If you have a one-story home, you may be able to use a step ladder and an ordinary broom to sweep most of your roof. If you have a taller home, you may need to buy a roof broom — a long-handled broom made specifically for roof sweeping.

Pound Down Raised Nails

This one requires you to actually get on the roof, so you should only complete the project if you have a relatively low-slope roof and feel comfortable up on that roof. You won't see the heads of raised nails since they are under other shingles, but you will see little bumps or raised areas over the spots where the raised nails are.

Just go around with a hammer, and pound those nails back down. This will help keep water from leaking in around the nail heads, and it will keep the shingles from lifting up any further from raised nails.

If you spend just a weeknight now and then thinking about and caring for your roof, your risk of leaks will go down. Contact a local residential roofing company to learn more.

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